Organic residues and by-products that are not GMP+/FCA certified are also processed by the Op de Beeck Group. The processing of these products of highly diversified origins is realized by Biogas Solutions NV under the slogan “Your waste our energy”.


Biogas Solutions can provide solutions for organic waste residues and by-products of various origins. P
lease note that for most products a Vlarema analysis has to be submitted.


As suggested by the name, these products refer to foodstuffs, both of vegetable and animal origins (CAT. III), that are no longer fit for human or animal consumption.

This may be due to the fact that the foodstuff expiry date has passed, an error in the composition of the product or the packaging, the fact that the product was damaged or that the product was refused by public authorities and/or inspection bodies.

The origin of these products may vary a lot: the products come from companies producing all kinds of foodstuffs such as dairy products, sauces, ready meals, drinks, spreads, sweets etc., but also from individual supermarkets or major supermarket chains, companies importing foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables via Belgian ports, auctions etc.

Biogas Solutions also has the necessary permits for the processing of foodstuffs that are to be destroyed as required by FASFC, customs or other public authorities, and therefore should not be introduced into the food chain.


This category refers to wastes that are released during a production process in the broader sense of the word.

For instance, these can be by-products from the biodiesel industry (based on vegetable oils), rinse water from the organic cleansing of food tanks (yoghurt, fruit juice, chocolate etc.), trimmings from companies processing fruit and vegetables, slaughterhouse by-products (such as blood), by-products from breweries etc.

Biogas Solutions also collects and processes organic catering waste (i.e. “swill”) from restaurants and industrial kitchens.


The water used in the production process by companies processing and producing food must first be purified on-site before being disposed of. The biological sludge that is generated in the process and containing only organic components, can be processed by Biogas Solutions in compliance with the Vlarema regulations, as well as the filter cakes generated by the further draining of the sludge.

Under very strict conditions, products that do not qualify for anaerobic digestion due to the composition thereof, in many cases may be processed through the production of organic fertilisers.


Some products must be destroyed under customs supervision. Included are excise goods such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco etc. but also other products (fruit and vegetables etc.) that have been denied access into Belgium and/or Europe. Biogas Solutions is an authorised warehousekeeper and as such processes goods under customs supervision practically every week.

Biogas Solutions can also request for and complete the necessary documents (eAD, T1) for destruction under customs supervision.

Are you looking for a professional partner to efficiently and sustainably process your company’s organic residue flows and by-products? Would you like to know what solutions Biogas Solutions has to offer?
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If your by-products are GMP+/FCA certified, we can also provide you with a solution through Agrophil.

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