The Op de Beeck Group has dozens of years of experience in processing various organic wastes and by-products. Thus, your company’s organic wastes and by-products are being processed into quality raw materials that may be used for various purposes.

Depending on the characteristics of the specific products such as origin, composition and quality, the processing is realized by a subsidiary of the Op de Beeck Group. Because of the various activities of these subsidiaries, supported by our own transport company and the wide variety of products that are processed or produced, these companies fully complement one another.

This complementarity allows the Op de Beeck Group to stand out as a market leader and to offer global solutions to our customers.

The solutions we offer are always based on our vast experience and know-how, but are also inspired by our continuous search for new opportunities and new applications.
It is only because of our sustained innovative drive and investments that we are able to continuously guarantee competitive and sustainable solutions.