Flanders still produces excessive nutrients, mainly nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Although these nutrients are particularly interesting and even necessary in terms of soil fertility and plant growth, the valid regulations stipulate that nitrogen and phosphorus may be deposited on Flemish agricultural land only to a limited extent. Therefore, these nutrients, released as manure, must be processed.

Within the Op de Beeck Group, Compofert NV provides farmers with a sustainable solution, biothermally drying manure, thus producing a high-quality organic fertiliser.

Also producers of organic and nutritious by-products can appeal to Compofert in this respect.

The most important source materials are dry chicken manure and thick pig manure, as the case may be, combined with a limited quantity of strictly selected and inspected organic by-products. These materials are mixed in certain proportions, taking into account the customer’s wishes, and then dried through a biothermal process.

During that process, the mix is exposed to temperatures exceeding 70 °C for at least one hour.

This treatment guarantees an end product that is free of pathogenic agents and germs, and therefore apt for export. This is of essential importance so as to be certified under Regulation (CE) No. 1069/2009.

Compofert has been certified for years now, as one of the first companies in Belgium and Europe. In this respect it is audited on a regular basis.

Each year over 150,000 tonnes of stable and homogeneous organic fertilisers are produced. Apart from significant percentages of N, P and K, they also contain a very high percentage of organic matter. Even in case of low doses, this generates a rise in soil biological activity with a positive impact on mineralisation and disease prevention on the one hand and an improvement of soil physical characteristics on the other hand, such as soil aeration, aggregate structure and a higher erosion resistance.

This way, these precious nutrients are not lost, but are re-used in a sustainable way in European agriculture.

Are you a farmer seeking to sell your chicken manure and/or thick pig manure? Are you producing organic by-products with high levels of nutrients, such as struvite, potassium sulphate or potassium chloride and looking for a relevant application for these products?

Please contact our person in charge, Filip De Keyzer. Our own transport company has all necessary permits to transport raw manure and allows for flexible manure collection. Compofert guarantees a correct processing of your manure in compliance with the Flemish, Belgian and European standards and it can easily provide you with manure processing certificates.

Are you an active farmer located outside Belgium and looking for a stable and high-quality organic fertiliser that complies with all European regulations? Do not hesitate to ask for the product sheets of our wide range of organic fertilisers.

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