Op de Beeck BVBA is the Op de Beeck Group subsidiary producing and selling all kinds of soil covers and soil improvers.
Op de Beeck BVBA is a wholesaler and for the time being only delivers bulk products, about 200,000 m³ a year.
End users of the range of horticultural products from Op de Beeck BVBA are basically supplied through a network of distributors.

The most important organic soil covers (i.e. bark) provided by Op de Beeck BVBA are – amongst others – maritime pine (Pin maritime), Scots pine (Pin sylvester) and spruce (Epicia), available in various sieved fractions.

With respect to soil improvers, we mainly provide green compost, potting soil, peat and peat mixtures, champost, sludge etc.

Of course, upon request we can also produce very specific mixtures and substrates for specific applications in eg. floriculture, viniculture and arboriculture.

In addition, Op de Beeck BVBA can provide the necessary raw materials for filling industrial biofilters (root wood, bark etc.).

In 2014 Op de Beeck BVBA launched a new collaboration with Kalloveen SPRL and Eifel Holz AG, in the context of which Bark Terminal Puurs (BTP) was created. On the site along the Brussels-Scheldt sea canal up to 150,000 m³ of raw bark (mainly Scots pine and maritime pine) are yearly imported from Southern Europe by sea and processed. A significant amount comes from the own BTP site in Tocha, Portugal, where the raw bark is made hygienic before being shipped to Puurs.

Would you like more information on the various products from our range, such as composition, nutrient content etc.? Do you want to know which local distributor can deliver these products in your area?
Please contact our agent, Paul Van Doninck, who will provide you with all the information you need.

Do you have some waste streams that may qualify for being processed in our soil improvers, such as pruning, mushroom compost, peat or peat residues, horse manure etc.?
Please feel free to contact us.

Contact Op de Beeck BVBA

Paul Van Doninck
Phone: 0032 14 50 16 02