TRANSPORT – Orgacom BVBA, Henrard SA & Schellens BVBA

The Op de Beeck Group holds three transport companies that can independently take care of all transport activities for its various subsidiaries. Therefore, customers in Belgium and abroad can rely on the best and most efficient solution to their transport problems.

Of course, customers that are only looking for a haulier can call upon our transport companies as well, without having to resort to the rest of the services provided by the Op de Beeck Group.

Together, Orgacom NV, Henrard NV and Schellens BVBA own a fleet of 80 lorries operating throughout Western Europe. Depending on the specific product and the quantity to be transported, we can always offer one of the following types of transport:

  • tipper trailers (55 m³) for bulk products with a density higher than 600 kg/m³
  • walking floors (90 m³) for bulk products with a density lower than 600 kg/m³
  • tankers (34 m³) with compressor, vacuum trucks and ADR certified trucks for liquid feed or non-feed products
  • curtain-side trailers for packed products on pallets or bioboxes
  • containers with capacities from 19 to 40 m³, with or without lids, sludge containers etc.

Containers, tipper trailers etc. can also be rented and placed on your site for the continuous collection of specific by-products and residues, and can be exchanged on a regular basis, upon request.

Of course, Orgacom, Henrard and Schellens hold all the necessary permits to perform all kinds of transport, such as cross-border transport of manure, CAT. III waste, GMP + /FCA products etc.
In addition, our professional dispatch sees to it that each transport is accompanied by the proper legally required transport documents, such as appendix VII, the commercial document, the manure removal document and the notification document.

The Op de Beeck Group also has its own maintenance and repair centre, where all lorries are checked and serviced on a regular basis by professional mechanics.

This way the annual distance of more than 8 million kilometres are driven in 100% guaranteed safe conditions.

Are you looking for a professional transport company and would you like to discuss the variety of solutions we may provide in terms of transport?
Do not hesitate to contact our person in charge, Kevin Schoepen.

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