In a circular economy it is extremely important that essential natural resources are no longer lost, but are being recovered.
This closed nutrient cycle is also one of the objectives of Op de Beeck NV for the end processing of organic by-products
and residues that can no longer be used for any other purposes.


The liquid fraction of the digestate is fully purified by Op de Beeck NV into dischargeable water on the one hand, complying with all legal standards and subject to strict controls, and into nutrient-rich by-products on the other hand by means of state-of-the-art technology. This way the entire nutrient cycle is closed. Also organic, industrial waste waters can be processed this way.

The evaporation process, just like the drying process, only involves energy that is produced on site. The result of the evaporation process is a concentrate that is rich in phosphor and potassium. The water that is evaporated and again condensed, i.e. the condensate, passes through an ammonium stripper, removing the ammonium that is available in the condensate. This results in an ammonium water and a pure condensate.

This condensate or pure water is mainly used on site as process water, for cleaning, etc. So, once again the cycle is fully closed. If required and in order to be absolutely sure that the condensate complies with all legal discharge standards, it is sent to an on-site biological water treatment plant. Only after that it is actually discharged. Of course the discharged water is continuously monitored and analysed in order to verify whether all standards are complied with.

The end products of this process are pure, re-usable or dischargeable water on the one hand and a phosphor-potassium concentrate and ammonium water on the other hand. The last two waste streams can be used for various industrial and/or agricultural applications, and in the latter case constitute the basis of custom-made, composed organic fertilizers, taking into account the outlet, soil type, crop, etc. Unlike the conventional treatment techniques, where nutrients such as nitrogen often end up in the atmosphere and so are lost, because of the successive processing steps all essential elements in the delivered wastes are valorised and recovered as much as possible.


june – september 2016

Do you want to learn more about the way Op de Beeck NV uses organic wastes
to generate green energy and recovers 100% of the nutrient content, 24 hours a day?
Or does your company have some specific industrial, organic waste waters for which a processing solution
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